Freedom Riders fifty years on

IU South Bend alumnus David James reports back from a recent trip to the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders who helped to break segregation in the American South.


One response to “Freedom Riders fifty years on

  1. I was reared by a generation that survived and benefited from the Civil Rights Movement and the effort of those similar to Mrs. Hamer’s. However, I feel our current generation has either dropped the touch and feel the torch is for someone else to carry. I’m disheartened by those who see education as a burden or credential. I’m bothered by those who choose not to vote because of political gridlock. I feel our generation is failing to propel the progress of equality fought for by those who invested physical, emotion and financial capital. However, when I read about people like Mrs. Hamer, the word “adversity” is too small to describe what she endured. We can not fathom a cross burning, lynching of a relative, the blind of of a justice system and Jim Crow “Race Card” legislation. I will continue to critically argue the need for legislation that protects human rights, but I will also challenge the benefactors of the legislation. Their inaction is as damning as the Klansman, Governor Wallaces and Strom Thurmonds. Hate is motivated by one thing; fear. My question is “What were they afraid of loosing by allowing others to…live?”

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