Welcoming Coastline

News has arrived that Coastline, a web-based interdisciplinary journal of graduate liberal studies, is underway from its base in Vancouver. The editor, Michael J.S. Cox, seeks submissions from graduate students and alumni of the many programs across the country, believing, rightly so, that there is much to be gained from increasing the chances that people can trade ideas with others in the GLS world. Coastline takes advantage of colorful photography and the shorter time to publication made possible on the web. Close to a dozen essays are already online — check it out, and welcome to Coastline and its editor, who is currently a graduate student in the Simon Fraser University program.


One response to “Welcoming Coastline

  1. I’d like to thank Ken and the Confluence editors for their support and encouragement of Coastline. I am seeking essays by graduate liberal studies students and alumni now, so if you have something “gathering rust” on your hard drive, please consider sending it. We aren’t competitors, Coastline and Confluence; we’re complementary; I hope you’ll consider Coastline as a way to get your hard work read by others.

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